A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Let Bonbon Bear, the friendliest malware around, help you find a girlfriend!

Play as a girl on her Bindows XP trying to chat to a fun cast of hot singles in her area! 

A visual novel love letter to early 2000’s computers and programs like bonzi buddy.

Reccomended 13 and up. 

~ Features! ~ 

- Have fun talking to cute girls! 

- Drag Bonbon around! (please don’t drag them offscreen....)

- Funny dolphin screensaver! 

- It's Bindows XP

~ Stuff for the full game! ~

- Fully voiced Bonbon with the vocal stylings of microsoft adult male two! 

- Play with stuff on your Bindows XP! Music player, browser pages, all sorts of stuff! 

- Five (5) Endings, one for each path! The 5th’s contents...? It's a secret to everyone

- See pictures in the chat and the contents of SEXYYURI_VERYHOT.Zip

-Development team-

Ruby- Programmer, Producer -@rubydev_lin

Alli-  Artist, 3D Artist, Game Designer - @alli_ens

Teigy- Writer, Secondary Artist, Social Media - @Boggiebog


GirlfriendVer-0.0.1-Mac.zip 121 MB
GirlfriendVer-0.0.1-Linux.zip 122 MB
GirlfriendVer-0.0.1-Windows.zip 119 MB


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This is so cute?! Definitely the most adorable fake malware I've ever played~

It's like a really gay version of HypnoSpace Outlaw ^.^ Can't wait to see the full version!

10/10 would bon bon again

bouncing bonbon bear around the screen to the music at the end was.. great really

i'm so gay for fake computer games where you can move everything around and interact with stuff so i'm here for this


thanks so much for playing our game!! BonBon really appreciates it ^^!!